I am a professional logo designer.


Product or service without logo? Nonsense. Logo is the first thing your customers see on your products, website, business cards. If you want to be visible for customers, it is never too late to invest in professional logo design.


Professional logo designer has knowledge how to create unique logo, how to design it, which color, font is right for different business. Professional designer transform your business to your unique logo. That is the way how to create success logo.

Vector logo

Usable logo must be created in vector format. Always! Only vector logo can be enlarged without loss of quality from small size to billboard size. Vector logo is a must for embroidery or building signs. Logo vectorizing is also my service.


I do unique and unforgettable design.

Logo specialist

My name is Jan Kubis. I am a freelance logo graphic designer from Slovakia with specialization in logotypes and vector design.

Browse my references

I create unique vector logos for people, clubs, firms and so on from the year 2007. Look at my LOGO GALLERY. There are many references.

Quality guarantee

Tell me what do you need - new logo, logo re-design, vector logo, eye-catching artworks or other graphic design? Everything is possible.

Browse my logos for sale

Look at my LOGO GALLERY. All logo drafts are for sale and can be modified for you. These logos have never been used yet. WINNING LOGOS are not for sale.


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If you are browsing logolution.eu, you like my work. Although the logo design is my passion, I also create a graphic design as flyers, posters, facebook covers, invitations, web, complete brand identity and so on.
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