Vector logo or bitmap logo?

Feb 4, 2016
Ján Kubiš

If you are not a graphic designer, probably you do not know the differences (advantages and disadvantages) between vector logo and bitmap logo.  Let me know to explain it.

What is a vector logo?

Good logo should be create as a vector logo. Why? Vector logo use geometrical objects (points, lines, curves, and other shapes) which can be enlarged without loss of quality from small size to billboard size. Vector logo is always sharp.

Vector logo is a must for:

  • embroidery
  • building signs
  • ideal for printing

Universal vector file formats: .AI, .EPS, .PS, .SVG

Vector graphic software:

Adobe Illustrator is well-known vector graphics editor. If it is out of your budget you can use other software, for example Affinity Designer or free software as Inkscape.

What is a bitmap logo?

Bitmap logo use raster (map of bits), same as the digital cameras. If you enlarge a bitmap logo, you will lose sharpness and see the pixels (small squares). Bitmap logo is depending on resolution. Do not enlarge the bitmap logo!

Bitmap logo can be use for:

  • web
  • smartphone applications
  • printing

Universal bitmap file formats: .JPG, .PNG, .TIF, .GIF


If you have a vector logo, you have universal file format for everything. Export bitmap formats from vector graphic is available in resolution you need.


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Ján Kubiš
Freelance logo graphic designer from Slovakia. I like to create new eye-catching and unique brands and logos. My logo gallery contains many samples for different clients.