5 Dollars Logo

Why logo from 5 USD/EUR is a trend today?

Mar 1, 2016
Ján Kubiš

Why? Because clients want to save money but do not understand the power of a good logo and how much work is behind.

What clients think about logo creation and logo designers?

“I do not need a logo designer, because my friend, brother, sister and etc. has a graphic software to create it. It will cost me no money or one lunch so it is a good deal.” or “I can get a logo from online logo creator or websites that provide a cheap design service and it will cost me only 5 USD/EUR.”

This opinion is mistaken. Create a good logo is not so easy as clients think. It is a very complex work, and logo designer sometimes feels like a detective or researcher. If you would like to know more about logo design process, continue reading.

What is a logo?

If somebody thinks that logo is not important, ask yourself “How can the customers know what is my product/service and what is not?” Logo tells it fast and simple. Customers see logo on the product, website, shop. What is better than have a good logo to identify the brand? Many firms want to take a part of the market everyday, so good logo can be advantage and one step before competitors. Try to think this way.

Example # 1: Logo Sales Running Shoes

Here we have 6 blue running shoes with different logo. Imagine that these shoes are selling without logo. Is it easy or difficult for you to choose one now? If you are addicted to brand, are you lost? Is logo very important for you, on the first place, or design is the first and logo on the second place?

Answer: Logo is very important in the purchase decision-making process.

Running shoes with logo
Running shoes without logo

Why is a cheap logo design more expensive than it seems to be?

Cheap logo looks often very bad and people see what is cheap. It is created by non-designer or designer who has a very little knowledge about design and marketing process “how to create a good logo”. You can think that you save more money if you choose a cheap logo but that is not true. Design upgrade will come very soon. Trust me.

Example # 2: Cheap vs. professional logo

Cheap logo vs professional logo

Next problem is that a bad logo is very hard to redesign but it is possible. The worst thing is that a cheap logo is associated with a cheap products or services. Think twice. If you invest to professional logo design, you will get a professional looking logo for a long time.

Quality product or service needs a quality professional logo. Cheap design is cheap. No logo is better than a cheap logo.

What is the differences between logos?

Logo can be created as:

  • standby symbol plus name
  • typographic logo design
  • emblem
  • monogram

plus other logo styles.

Example # 3: Logo style

Logo style

Why cheap logo service is not acceptable for designers?

Ask yourself, am I able to wake up every day to start create a logo for 5 USD/EUR when my own expenses are at least:

  • Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Car/Travel expanses (daily fees)
  • Accommodation/House, Cellphone, Internet connection (monthly fees)

Professional logo designers must to do a lot of work before they start to create logo:

  • Ask the clients everything about their business (company name, business orientation, customers, etc.).
  • Try to identify what logo style the client prefer. It  saves designers time and clients time.
  • To research the logos of the other firms, If some similar logo exist. It takes a long time with google searching.
  • Sketching – creative process, how to get all important information to one logo.
  • Receiving feedbacks from client.
  • Finalization and export to all file formats.

Are you ready to do all these things and get 5 USD/EUR for it? I do not. My service is professional, and my time and knowledge too, so I do not accept 5 USD/EUR as my reward.

Important: What do I need to know from client before logo creation process starts?

  • Logo is for company or product/service?
  • General information about what do you do, what is your business?
  • What to communicate in the logo, what is your idea?
  • Target audience?
  • What kind of design you like (font, color, style)? Try to provide links to logos you like, it save my and your time.

I create a vector logos so you can use it for print, embroidery, web, media. My logos are fully adjustable without loss of quality. If you still hesitate, contact me and I will send you cost estimate.

About Me:
Ján Kubiš
Freelance logo graphic designer from Slovakia. I like to create new eye-catching and unique brands and logos. My logo gallery contains many samples for different clients.